More about SATs key stage 2 papers


SATs key stage 2 papers are tests that schoolchildren take at the end of Year 6. You can download and print all of the relevant past SATs papers and the marking schemes which have all of the answers. We don’t include papers prior to 2016 because the tests changed so much for 2016 that they are not a good guide to the current tests.

Schools will give children practice using past SATs papers. You can help your child prepare for the tests by letting them have a go at other papers – but don’t overdo it! SATs are meant to test the schools more than the pupils. As some children may get stressed during test time and in the run-up, do keep a sense of balance. Occasional practice can be good – and you can get some in short bursts of practice anytime with our online quizzes.

Here you will find all the SATs past papers you’ll need for key stage 2. Simply download these SATs papers and print them out. We provide our SATs tests online as Adobe PDFs so you can print them at home.

The structure of SATs papers has changed over time but recent past SATs papers remain helpful. In 2016, the DfE made significant changes to nearly every SATs paper for the new national curriculum assessment. We now offer three sets of SATs past papers (2016, 2017 and 2018) plus a set made for practice in 2016. These free SATs papers will help your child prepare for the 2019 SATs tests.

Free SATs Quizzes

If children find completing written papers boring or offputting, try our free online quizzes. Children tend to prefer taking SATs papers online. It’s more like a game or puzzle and less tedious. What’s more, the computer marks them for you!

Ever wondered how we can afford to give you all these past papers for free? Because the are produced by the government who have allowed us to distribute them online under Crown copyright. It’s your taxes that paid for them, so why not take advantage?

But what about our online SATs tests? We worked hard to build the quizzes to enable your children to answer SATs questions online, which cost quite a lot of time and effort to develop, but we’re giving you these quizzes free of charge because we want to help kids pass. Unlike other websites that only offer you the past papers and little else. We make a small sum of money from the adverts on this site, and that’s it!!

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